What even is Creators Con?

What we do and how you'll grow with us.
Welcome to Creators Con! Australia’s first Creative Conference for teenagers! We focus on upscaling your abilities in digital creation and preparing you for a successful future and career in the creative industry. In this three day intensive you’ll find yourself learning very fast in a collaborative and engaging environment. 
We take you on a journey of discovery through...


How to be a creator

3 Full Days

9am - 5pm

100 Teens

Grades 10 - 12

25 Groups

Of 5 People

A mentor

Per group

This is the perfect event for you if you are already in the creative industry or are looking to get started! This will excel your creative skill set and launch you into your creative journey. 
Creators Con will run over three full days, with each event only accepting 100 attendees. You will be in groups of five, with each group lead by a creators con mentor.
Join the crew today and don’t miss out on this huge opportunity to take your skills to the next level!