Most frequent questions and their answers.

A laptop with Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Lightroom downloaded.

Creators Con is for anyone who wants to learn. We will be starting with basics but taking it further and pushing your limits. Expect to learn fast and put what you learn into action while at Creators Con.

We are launching new age groups in 2022 to cover a wider range. There will be a Creators Con event for you in 2022 and beyond.

We would encourage you to be available for the full three days to enjoy the full immersive experience. We don’t offer cheaper tickets for not attending all three days. It may be an option to book in for future events where you are available.

We want our future creators to have an immersive hands on experience. There will be groups of 5 with each group led by a mentor. We want each and every single teenager to learn as much as possible as well as experience a learning environment like no other.

Yes you can. We have a BOGO deal where you can get 10% off.

The event starts at 9am and finishes at 5pm.
That is ok! Our foyer and arcade will be open until 6pm with supervision by Creators Con staff. Creators Con is officially closed from 6pm onwards.

No problems at all! We want to add to your skills that you already have.

3 days intensive training starting from 9am – 4pm.

Yes you can! We will be running three events in total for Creators Con for ages 16-17.

100% we would still love to see your teenager at Creators Con. Our aim is to help guide your teenager to go in the right direction by exposing them to the wide range of options available in the creative industry. Not only will they be in front of South Australia’s best creators who are currently finding success in the industry but in just over three days your teenager will know exactly what they want to do. This can even help them decide exactly which direction to go when they get to university. A great investment into your teenagers while we prepare them and get them started now.

Yes, there will be 2x snack breaks with snacks provided and 1x Lunch break with lunch provided. Our VIP pack provides access to our premium food and beverage options.
That’s no stress at all! There will be nice small groups of 5 through-out the three days with a mentor per group. You will get many opportunities to meet someone in your group and some really great mentors to guide you through it all
You can be dropped off or arrive anytime from 8am onwards

Yes! All Creators Con staff, volunteers and coaches are police checked and have completed and passed “Work With Children’s” check. In addition all Creators Con staff, volunteers and coaches have gone through rigorous interviews and training to ensure they are capable for their role at Creators Con.