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Elliot Grafton based in Australia. Elliot strives to create cinematic, and high quality content in both film and photography. He has a real passion for travel and storytelling through videography. He also has a massive love for the world and the people, animals, and landscapes in it. He wants to inspire people to get off the couch and off there phones and go out and explore, just like he has!

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Stavros an Adelaide comedian is joining our coaching team to tell us how he blew up on TikTok and how he grew to over 600k follow on TikTok and almost 40m likes.

Stavros is set to share his story along with giving us the tips and tricks to help get success with TikTok.


Nathanuel based in Adelaide, Australia recently returned from 3 years of living in the US. His return to Australia has seen great success as the Co-Founder of Creators Con.

Nathanuel has years of experience in photography, videography, social media and marketing. He is excited to bring all his knowledge and share with you some great tools for photography.

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